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Airports and Plastic

Who doesn’t enjoy travelling?
But how many of you are aware of your choices while going somewhere?

Let’s focus on airplanes trips.
If you have a long layover you’ll probably get hungry at some point, don’t you?


So when people get hungry while they are waiting their flight, 99,9% of them is keen to pick a place that offers the food/ beverages we like.

The majority of fast food bars/ restaurants includes plastic items in their meals.
Besides ingesting food pesticide and other chemicals and  consuming a questionable tasting meal your are polluting the environment.

Is that what you were expecting from your break?

But that’s the point you should focus on, before taking a sit, ordering or even looking at one place menu, YOU MUST CHECK IF THEY USE PLASTIC ITEMS or if the cutlery or the glasses they use is made of plastic.

If you travel frequently you can easily check yourself that in the airports and mainly everywhere the most untasty food is the already prepared one, the one you grab when you are on a rush.

So if you have time, TREAT YOURSELF!
Get a sit in a place you like (after checking they don’t use any plastic item) and enjoy a plastic free meal.
Your body will thank you as you are feeding it with fresh ingredients and the environment will be grateful for choosing an eco friendly meal.

If you don’t have much time you can always choose a bar that has freshly made paninis/ sandwiches, they usually wrapped them in a paper tissue and but them in a paper bag.
So you can have your quick snack without bringing more pollution to this world 🙂

And what you’ll have for drink?
Water? A smoothie? Iced Coffee?

Is almost impossible to get one of those drinks or any without its plastic bottle.

You basically have two options:
ASK for TAP WATER in a JAR; but you’ll be able to drink it just while consuming your meal.

You bring it EMPTY before passing the airport safety checks, once you’ve passed them you’ll be able to fill it from the airport bathrooms’ taps!
You’ll have FREE and UNLIMITED WATER to drink before and during your flight 🙂

If you are really addicted to coffee/ tea or some sort of special beverage you can’t bring inside the airport, you can always ask them to serve it in your reusable ecofriendly mug , like this beautiful one (100% nature friendly):

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